Hearing Awareness

Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing Awareness Week is in full swing and for the first time this year, coincides with World Hearing Day, Saturday 3rd March.

If you, your friends or family are having trouble with hearing, it’s a good opportunity to call, email or visit our office to make an appointment.   Appointments are available in Bellerive, Monday to Friday, as well as fortnightly at the Brighton Doctors Surgery and Spring Bay Community and Health Centre on alternating Fridays.

How can hearing loss affect you

Hearing loss in children can have the potential to hinder their overall development.  Whether it’s listening to their teacher or fellow students, it’s important that you do not neglect any signs.   It may also cause low self esteem and reduced social interaction.

With adults, it can lead to the same problems.  It can lead to social isolation, add stress to your place of employment and can have an increased risk of dementia.  Recent studies have proven that undiagnosed hearing loss can contribute to an early onset of the disease.

Why you should have your hearing checked

It’s recommended as adults, you should have your hearing checked at least once every two years.  Audiologists will compare your results, to ensure your hearing  remains in line with the aging process.

They will advise you on the use adequate hearing protection for activities like concerts or use of machinery, to preserve your hearing.  Certain noise exposure can significantly harm your hearing, in the short and long term.    A great resource on the Hearing Awareness website is the “How loud is too loud?” section, which is a guide on noise exposure and how easy it is to damage your hearing.

For more helpful information about Hearing Awareness Week or World Hearing Day, follow the links below.


Link: Hearing Awareness Week

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